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As an Active Criminal Interdiction Officer, I found the need to create an affordable, compact, and fully equipped toolkit to conduct vehicle searches while also minimizing the time spent searching my own unity for the right tools. Keeping in mind the various searches I've conducted during my career and searches of other officers, I knew it had to be lightweight and easy to reach at any moment. When our stops become Controlled Deliveries, timing is everything; Kilo Search Toolkits are fully equipped with the basic and necessary tools to help you conduct an efficient vehicle search in any situation and weather condition. It's practical and lightweight when you climb over boxes, search narrow spaces in box trailers, and compartments.

At Kilo Search you will find not only affordable pricing but great quality tools that have been hand-selected to perform your next search! Kilo Search has given me the confidence to conduct effective searches, make use of valuable time, and have proven to be successful. As I continue to use Kilo Search, I'm fully confident it is exactly what every Criminal Interdiction Officer needs to be fully prepared for their next search.

We remind all Officers and Customers to stay safe, stay vigilant, and happy hunting!

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